Business to Business Manufacturing

Establishing meaningful relationships within the industry.

Commercial Builders

At the Tongue & Groove Store, we’re familiar with AWI standards and have the manufacturing capabilities to produce products according to your pre-written set of specifications. Based on information from your architect, we can custom produce pieces to match your requirements in solid wood within any of our product categories.

Manufacturing Leg

Are you looking to manufacture a standalone patch of professional grade planking, or build an entire ice house from scratch? The Tongue & Groove Store is your all-in-one partner for any important leg in your production line, whether whole or partial. According to your project needs, we can take care of all of the manufacturing process, or just a single, essential part.


Many return customers at the Tongue & Groove Store have discovered the benefits of being able to handle the retail aspects of the sale themselves. The possibility to retail our product and get a better price than you would at wholesale is an economic alternative to other production methods. We constantly purchase and move volume over time. This allows us to offer better pricing as we interact with builders, lumber yards, and other retail establishments.

Carpenters and Contractors

Carpenters and Contractors who know how to delegate work and save time work with The Tongue and Groove Store for the materials they need to produce incredible finished results. You’ll be impressed by our ability to manufacture every piece of wood you need and solve problems in new ways.



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