The Tongue & Groove Store offers prefinishing options on all of our products, including primer, stain, clear coats and paint.


Our environmentally conscious, machine applied coatings set our distinctive designs apart. We also specialize in finishing techniques applied by hand in a traditional booth setup. All prefinishing methods result in a consistent coat of high quality finish that can be applied to every Tongue & Groove piece.

Primer & Paint

We offer conventional clear coating and solid color paint options for projects that require a non-yellowing finish. Most typical Tongue & Groove projects require one of two sheens, either satin or flat, although matte and oil finishes with no sheen are also rising in popularity. These standard availability primers and paint include water-clear and furniture grade finishes that are buttery smooth.

Stain & Color Match

The Tongue & Groove Store can customize stain to match existing colors. Do you already have cabinets installed in a particular hue? Maybe you have a new pine window and need it to match the rest of the room? We custom match stain across species to make any two different woods look similar.


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