It seems as though our lives are busier than ever.  In addition to the everyday grind we are tethered to our mobile devices and tablets.  Our brains are constantly processing everything around us.  Its no wonder design trends are moving to reduced palettes, minimal contrast, less saturation, clean lines and less clutter.  Human overload has led us to incorporate natural greens like plants and herbs into our design along with pops of wood and stone.  We’re making the choice, either consciously or subconsciously to design our spaces to soothe our busy minds and souls.  Shiplap with its crisp, clean lines is more popular than ever.  Homeowners are using it in every room of the house including kitchens and baths.  The photo below is a prime example.  Notice the reduced palette of the white cabinetry and shiplap paired with the natural warm tone wood flooring.

Monochromatic kitchen with natural wood.                         -photo courtesy of Houzz


Homeowners also continue to embrace rough sawn wood to add an earthy element to their space.  Notice the balance brought to the space with the shiplap positioned beneath the rough sawn planking on the ceiling.  Recessed lighting with white trim returns us to the simplicity of a reduced palette.

Photo Courtesy of Ken Hiukka Custom Builders

Photo Courtesy of Ken Hiukka Custom Builders


Textured flooring continues to be popular and is expected to remain so for some time.  Homeowners are also increasingly paying attention to the different types of finishes and sheens.  Matt and oil finishes with no sheen are rising in popularity.  We’re also seeing a return to warmer tones and as homeowners and designers shift away from the cooler tones that have dominated the last five years.  While greys are still popular, we’re seeing move toward warmer greys and rich, earthy tones.

While accent walls are nothing new, we’re seeing an increase in the number of bedroom accent walls being done.  Everything from barnwood style accents to shiplap to millwork panels are in as buyers look for an inexpensive way to personalize their most intimate spaces.

Rustic Accent Wall in Nursery