2018 Wood Interior Trends

It seems as though our lives are busier than ever.  In addition to the everyday grind we are tethered to our mobile devices and tablets.  Our brains are constantly processing everything around us.  Its no wonder design trends are moving to reduced palettes, minimal contrast, less saturation, clean lines and less clutter.  Human overload has [...]

2018 Lake Home & Cabin Design Trends

We just returned from the Minneapolis Lake Home & Cabin Show. The show is such a great way for us to connect with MN and WI customers face to face that live outside the Duluth area. We are also able to connect with other vendors at the show that we may not see on a [...]

Wood Floor Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance is the number one question we receive from customers that are purchasing wood flooring.  Following is a phenomenal article that appeared inHardwood Floors Magazine written by Brett Miller on 12/04/2017. Wood flooring is one of the only floor coverings that, when properly maintained, will last for the lifetime of the home.  [...]

Surviving Your Holiday Remodel

"On time and under budget!" said no one ever of the building/remodeling process.  The holidays are already a stressful time of year, shopping, wrapping, baking, volunteering, add in a remodel and it can become downright overwhelming.  Unforeseen delays can quickly dash your dreams of dishing up the holiday magic in your newly remodeled home.  If [...]


Saunas provide a great way to relax and may offer additional health benefits.  Many of our customers choose to add saunas to their home or cabin and often have questions about what type of wood is best to use.  Western Red Cedar is the most popular choice when it comes to sauna material.  It is [...]