Surviving Your Holiday Remodel

"On time and under budget!" said no one ever of the building/remodeling process.  The holidays are already a stressful time of year, shopping, wrapping, baking, volunteering, add in a remodel and it can become downright overwhelming.  Unforeseen delays can quickly dash your dreams of dishing up the holiday magic in your newly remodeled home.  If [...]


Saunas provide a great way to relax and may offer additional health benefits.  Many of our customers choose to add saunas to their home or cabin and often have questions about what type of wood is best to use.  Western Red Cedar is the most popular choice when it comes to sauna material.  It is [...]

Understanding Seasonal Changes to Hardwood Flooring

The seasons are a changin'.  Cooler air has moved in and some of us have even turned on the heat.  Changing temperatures and humidity levels can create some frustrating problems for our hardwood floors.  Hardwood Floors Magazine published a great article on this very topic.  View the full article here: Nearly every wood floor will [...]

Do I Need an Interior Designer?

The popularity of HGTV, Houzz and other home improvement outlets along with social media have increased our desire to achieve a magazine quality home.  Most of us start out with a general idea of how we want our space to look once it is finished, however with all the different design trends and products available it can [...]

Choosing the Right Flooring Transition Moulding

After installing a new hardwood floor, you will typically need a transition moulding to complete the job.  Transition mouldings are used to create a smooth transition between different rooms or different surfaces.  Transition mouldings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and determining which moulding you need can be confusing.   I've broken down the five most [...]

Will the Recent Hurricanes Affect Lumber Prices?

Damage left by Hurricane Irma In light of the recent disasters caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we've had several people wondering how this will affect lumber pricing going forward.  Obviously there is a significant amount of lumber used in new home construction and prospective builders fear a surge in lumber prices will price them [...]

Farmhouse Deisgn

The natural wood beams add a touch of warmth to this all white kitchen. Farmhouse design is making a big impact on current home interior trends.  We're seeing more and more customers back away from the minimalistic approach by incorporating farmhouse elements that bring some warmth to the space.  Classic shapes, rustic simplicity and natural [...]

Salvage Plank Pine

Aristotle said, “in all the things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” We couldn’t agree more, which is why we are so in love with our Salvage Plank Pine. This rough sawn pine has been salvaged from a remote homestead. Our unique machining process, tongue and grooves all four sides of the material, [...]

Miterlock Beams

A rising trend among homeowners is to add a decorative touch of wood to their home’s exterior. Consumers are seeking out non-structural beams to look like large timbers to bring dimension and distinction. Consumers often end up spending a small fortune by bringing in large, full thickness timbers to get the job done. The Tongue [...]